These cards are great for both windows and dos retro gaming. There is also an issue with the game port on this card, detailed in the linked thread above. I believe it has more channels than the real thing, which the Windows MIDI driver can use for full 4-op sound. The ES datasheet http: It’s using the ESF chipset, the specs of which can be found here:

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There is lots of good stuff to talk about.

I haven’t had a chance to try any of the ISA AudioDrives but I’m looking forward to giving this baby a spin once it arrives. Stereo wavetable output is reversed, which is a bit of a bummer, but otherwise I haven’t found anything negative. Users browsing this forum: Plutothe maxed out Dell Dimension Paint Shop Pro 3.

And this is what’s been puzzling me–if you make a card that handles CF only, you can simplify the design greatly–basically all you need to do is buffer the data lines and decode the address lines. I have an integrated ES soundcard in my Compaq.

All other signals are connected directly to zound IDE bus. Es8168 just download it today. I also noticed that there are 6 extra pins in addition to the standard bit ISA stuff, you can see them on the bottom left of the card, marked “P4”. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. EXE is likewise easy to use, and allowed me to set the MIDI and CD volumes both muted by defaultand the volume levels were perfect first time which is a rare thing in my experience.


ESS AudioDrive Es1868f Vintage Retro ISA Sound Audio Card Kwx-sc1671 Mpb-000050

I was able to turn the game port and CD-ROM connector off easily and configure the wavetable header soujd port I tried 3 of these things, a YMF,and Probably worth noting that I couldn’t find any generally available though-hole CF sockets though, and that the SMT thing seems to be killing my boards unfortunately they’re available now, can’t even give them away.

There was a certain ESS card I tried and didn’t like because it could only play a couple of sounds at a time, or would play the first half of a sound and cut off the rest.

Also the wavetable header could not be configured to a useable port number this is done via jumpersthe lowest available was port ! SYS driver worked best for me.

It insists on enabling WSS which is obviously not gonna work on 8-bit. The wavetable is muted by default, and it’s labelled ‘Aux1’ or something like that. Unless, that is, I want to suss out the configuration utility I don’t.

The DOS software — which can be found on Vogon Drivers — is bare bones but is easy to use and powerful. Board index All times are UTC. The DOS mixer software turned me off those cards however, and some minor incompatibilities with older games.


VOGONS • View topic – ESS AudioDrive (ES) – a surprisingly good ISA sound card

Was a great card back in the day, excellent value and the compatibility was amazing. I’d like to hear if anyone sond had any luck with this sort of setup before I go and waste my time trying to get it to work. I have a Pine Technologies ES card in a machine here.

This is usually where PnP cards are detected and displayed, so it may be a PnP card. This card does several things right.

Re: ESS ES1868 sound card not working after update to Etch

And as others have noted here there is a nasty pop when starting the PC, but these are minor complaints in my opinion. At any rate, I know how to find what I need now. The default drivers loaded by windows are all ea1868 needed to run the card in windows. So 8-bit portion should work. YouTubeFacebookWebsite.