Send a private message to Serenitynow. This was all pre-wasapi. Find More Posts by MichaJo. If I close the error pop-up, I all crashes. I bought a new laptop, well it’s been maybe 2 years now, I5, 8Gb RAM, No internet, only used for music, made some of the normally suggested tweaks but not anything too agressive and it still doesn’t run as stable as I want it. What’s your view vs Amarra? Foobar versions covered 0.

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Good new Does your ESI control panel now switch between frequencies? This was all pre-wasapi. If I leave it alone it’ll work with no problems but when I do something manually then it might crash.

ESI – Product Archive: [email protected]

Manage Follow Preferences Loading Nobody knows about this problem? I read somewhere to set it to 24bit which is what I have done.

Foobar versions covered 0. Is it too good to be true? Perhaps this will change things? The same problem occurs with 1. It seems there are a lot of cards with poorly written ASIO drivers, as we’re not the only ones experencing problems.


ESI [email protected] help (Win 7) | Naim Audio Forums

Here’s the error log. Mike Giacomelli on What should I set it at?

Send a private message to Serenitynow. Going less than results in really bad clipping and popping, not sure asii though Originally posted by js: Please report back on how things are going for you guys!! Gets a pop-up, the music still plays, and if I leave it, it still does. And also to Naim for allowing these discussions. Find More Posts by flyshe. If I close the error pop-up, I all crashes. Anyways, I’ve found that I get the best results with the latency set to the highest level in the Juli control panel IIRC it has no detrimental effect on 16bit but it would julj 24bit if set to 16bit.

ESI [email protected] help (Win 7) | Naim Audio Forums

Send a private message to MichaJo. Occean, Thanks again for all of the help. This looks like a bug in Aslo driver code: What’s your view vs Amarra?


Thanks for turning me on to the Juli. In his last post he claims that the asio4all driver works in 16 bit. After some roundtrip latency measurements my asio4all settings are: Find More Posts by witti. I’ve added a special workaround for this scenario in foobar 0. Mine changes with each sample rate that goes through. I think the hires is superior to the M-Audio. If you go into windows sound manager you can test playback rates up to juuli, maybe you haven’t set these as playable rates in windows yet