Expansion-wise, this board is perfect, just like the Asus P2B-F. The selling point of this motherboard is it’s Dual-Bios function. Power management setup This setup page includes all the items of Green function features. Then all of a sudden, the big-time motherboard maker, Gigabyte, who hasn’t been in the limelight for sometime, comes up with an updated BX motherboard with a new item called Dual-Bios. It’s rare that the BIOS chip will ever fail during regular operation, however sometimes there are errors when flash upgrading a BIOS that may result in an otherwise dead system. Disabled Disable this function. Page 14 BX 4.

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Both contain the same information as each other but one acts as a Main and the other as a Back-up. Log in Don’t have an account? Remember that the failure to include any other ratios is not the fault of the motherboard manufacturer, as the AGP clock frequency is a function of the chipset.

Gigabyte BX2000 BX Slot-1

Very handy for those unlucky times! Disabled Disable this function. Windows 98 build 4. Don’t show me this message again. Area Tested C 66×6 C x4. This is memory that can be used for different applications. Many people would dismiss the feature as unnecessary and as gimmicks to sell the product.

My only gripe is that this outstanding-feature’s operation is not documented in the Manual. Enabled For slow speed ISA device in system. Expansion-wise, this board is perfect, just like the Asus P2B-F. Press any key or Power-button and your system will come alive as to where you left it within 8 seconds. This is the System Information Viewer: There are two types: The given CD comes with these software: Most use for this area is Shadow RAM.


There, you’ll be able to boot your PC again by using the option to boot from the Stand-by Bios or you could re-program the corrupted Main Bios using the Stand-by Bios, all which can be done in matter of few seconds.

We’ll discuss more of this further down. Enter text from picture: Why would a BIOS chip ever fail? Disable software APM function.

Resources Controlled by The default value is G. For years now Gigabyte has concentrated on the fundamentals of creating solid motherboards that provide the user with exactly what they purchased with the board, unfortunately in this highly competitive market, just giving the user what they paid for is not enough to stay on top.

Trend PC-Cillin, Triones ver: But not to worry because when you access the Dual-Bios Management setup, the directions and options given are fairly straight-forward and understandable. But give it some thought, it is a helpful setup.

Need help flashing the BIOS of a GA-BX

It can be quite helpful if you have an unusually quiet fan on your CPU and have difficulty telling whether or not the motherboard is powered up while debugging. Floppy Disk The default value is Enabled.


The default value is Enabled. If any of these things should happen on a normal motherboard, you could bx200 left with a dead motherboard and your only course of action would be to bring the board to the shop and ask them to help you flash the Bios back or replace the Bios chip and if you have a very old motherboard, most likely, you would have to change it.

If the message disappears before you respond and you still wish to. Lack bc2000 proper FSB and voltage controls put this board out of the overclocking league. The variety of BX motherboards in the market are huge but it has almost been a stagnant market with very minor changes.

Besides manufacturers coming up with more Soft-Bios look-alike of Abit’s and introducing voltage controls, nothing new has really come up in the BX arena.

It acts very much like that Suspend-to-Disk, except now, your working contents are stored in the Ram before your PC goes to ‘sleep’.