To skip to the first image of the scene following the one being played back, and start playback. Basic Techniques see page 7. Don’t show me this message again. External input still frame Card 2. You can choose another image of the scene for thumbnail. Camera Functions Setup Not displayed when external input is being selected.

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Page Symptom Focus is not correct. Manually focus the following objects, dz-h500sw may not be automatically focused see page The input letter will be deleted. The selected scenes will be skipped.

Hitachi DZ-HSSW Reviews –

Refer to the TV instruction manual for how to switch the TV input. You can also manually adjust the exposure depending on the recording conditions.

Move the cursor to the play list in lower row, and place the cursor on scene to be deleted. Setting Date And Time Setting Date and Time Set the current date and time so that the date and time you make a recording can hiitachi recorded correctly.

Please replace has been loaded. Does manual focus icon appear? Hitachii a message appears, refer to the following table and take appropriate corrective action. Press the MENU button again to exit setting. This allows you to copy the footage off the hard drive on to a DVD, which is ideal for archiving old footage.



A One Touch Dubbing button enables either the entire contents of the hard drive or individually selected movie scenes to be burnt to DVD. Fade Out Fade In White: When selecting all scenes, simply proceed with step 3.

This message may also appear if you insert a disc for which formatting was interrupted midway. Push the centre of card edge. It is a very speedy camera.

Ihtachi the scenes cannot be included on one DVD, count the capacity size of scenes, and dub the scenes that can be stored on the DVD. Closing the cover will automatically turn the If you choose the shooting mode to match the recording conditions, clearer images will be recorded.

The brightness adjustment bar will appear on the screen. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Read This First To guide you, we have included following five chapters. Our test footage was clear and sharp with strongly defined edges and minimal graininess. On-Screen Information Various types of information will appear in the viewfinder or on the LCD screen during recording.


Click the camcorder icon shown on the left of screen: Insert card with its terminal inward until it locks.

Hitachi Australia DZ-HS500

Aesthetically the HSSW is a little on the chunky side, but that is to be expected with two different recording technologies on board.

Perform steps 3 — 4 on page The editing function has great appeal: This DVD is finalized. Press the MENU button at a scene you wish to capture during playback.

If you really must, you can copy your raw shooting to a computer and edit with the supplied Windows and Macintosh software; this allows you to burn a full size 12 cm DVD.