My burner just stopped functioning one day, like some of the other people on the this message board. If I tried playing CD’s with this burner through Real Player,it would go through the motion of playing CD’s using “Real Player” but the sound would always be missing despite futile attempts to find out why. Richard Karasiewicz on August 3, Mervan on May 1, I try to browse it on my device manager and it is said that the driver for my DVD drive is missing. Seems we all sitting with a writer that we can only use as a paper weight. I think I found the site for the driver:

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After I downloaded it, I did everything the same on introduction. XP is designed to find every driver in the book.

Animesh Karmakar on June 7, Driver HL-data storage i have cd-rd rom drive gdrb and gdrb. In Device Manager I was getting an error CODE of 19, saying that there was a problem with the settings for this device in the registry. Carlosfandango on February 8, I think I found the site for the driver: How can i check if my computer is recognising it as a cd-writer and not as a cd-rom device?


Lici on November 3, Ilya on December 13, My burner just stopped functioning one day, like some of the other people on the this message board. Should I install another driver? Natalie on July 9, Can you get me Device driver.

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Why I go through the ‘my computer’ icon to the drive and click on the drive, the message is ‘device not available’. I have it on windows XP and have been using the Ms software for cd writing, never had any problems with buffer underuns.

Rod on September 27, LEE on January 5, Has anyone with Win had any success in finding a driver that functions with this OS? I cant find the drivers either so if anyone finds them can they please email them to me at lane4swim hotmail. Artur on February 13, Pam on June 4, Luka on March 8, E-mail Me please if you have hl-td-st info? JB on December 4, The restore recovery did not lose any other current info from any of my files and I still have my backed up files on a 4 gig memory stick ready to go if there was a major problem.


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Any ideas would be welcome. I tried everything that was suggested in here, but nothing worked! The driver may be corrupted or missing. Before all I would have to do is put in a cd and a screen would pop up and ask what kind I wanted to make data, music, or DVD.

TRAN on August 24, Elisabeth on August 9, Gordon on October 29, I just copied this from another forum. That stupid I know gcee-8160b