Compass Direction and System Ref. A screen containing RF and Platform Data will appear. Page The Current Limit for the speeds is calculated using a percentage of the Current Limit speed 6 and 9 current limit 6 speed 6 is default. Got it, continue to print. Page of 7.

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A value obtained from the Satellite Modem when locked onto a signal. The update inftvu is displayed on screen and will notify the user when the process is complete. Antenna will center itself and attempt to locate the cut-off edges of the Polarization Stow Switch. Modem Test Command The user may enter certain modem commands, and click send.

There are now links leading to these policies: Using a splitter is optional. Page 18 of 5. AZ Pot Factor to the right of the dash, i.

iNetVu Software Version 7.5.13 Released for the 7000 Series Controllers!

Competitor Location Prediction for Real. This document contains information, which is protected by copyright. The different options include: Compass Heading Orientation of the Mobile Platform. Beacon Receiver Beacon Receiver is not used, this field can be ignored. The installer shall advise the end user how to appropriately stabilize their vehicle.


Polarization Parameters Inclinometer Tilt Sensor which exists on all New Generation platforms and newer versions of the Legacy platforms. If the user is using the Reference Satellite Search option, the transponder information must be entered along with the LNB power requirements of the reference satellite used.

It uses a rectangular window and searches for the Satellite using smaller concentric windows until the desired Unetvu is found. Setting the RF Threshold value too low will result in an inability to acquire a reliable signal.

Canada Satellite | iNetVu Series 12V Antenna Controller (C)

No PC or monitor required! This field allows the user to place a fixed offset for the target polarization angle.

Page 74 of Infinitely loops with seconds interval between tests. Install the software from the Memory Stick or from a downloaded file by double clicking on iNetVuSetup.

Inetvu controller and Idirect X5 modemlats and longs.

Don’t show me this message again. The new addition of the iNetVu Setup Wizard will guide first 70000 users and users that are already familiar with the software application to configure the system upon first launch.

SR This menu will allow the user to configure the controller to the service used for 2-way satellite communication.


Page of Test Compass Positions Antenna to a level Elevation angle and updates compass heading. The controller should be updated within a few seconds. Router Configuration Example Page – Appendix 5: The FCC requires that a certified installer perform the installation. This includes, but is not limited to damages caused by Note 1: Please be advised that disabling any of these limits should be done under the direct supervision of a c-com technical support representative.

The iNetVuTM system will use this transponder information to locate the reference satellite, and pivot to the target satellite.

Connecting to the internet via satellite is not always easy but is critically important to those in remote places or with poor terrestrial infrastructure. The Controls menu allows users to monitor system inetgu and manually move the antenna, as well as conduct automatic processes and functions. Otherwise, this field is not applicable. Input Dynamic Range