The supplied TV software doesn’t work at all, but by doing a dodgy search Google! You can then record shows manually or schedule the recording. The device works just like a TV set, and digital channels require a strong signal to work without interference. Since I didn’t have the TV software installed, I couldn’t test the remote out. However, Windows 7 came standard with Media Center. So the requirement to record a TV show, has dropped dramatically. I want to know where to find the setting that will enable me to set this up.

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The version will be listed next to System Type. If it doesn’t work, or the connections are not compatible, then chances aren’t good. I inserted the CD and a window was presented to me.

Kaiser Baas TV Stick Questions & Answers –

I hope that this helps people make an informed decision. Odin Gatt asked on Dec 12, Please try Windows kiaser Driver and see if that works. Ron asked on Sep 06, If you have a TV with an external antenna, try unplugging the aerial connection from it, and putting it into the TV stick. However, when completing and returning to TV the old channel list is still current and of course with no signal. Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Thank you for your feedback. Srick asked on Oct 29, I don’t know for sure but the stick only has a coaxial connector so I doubt that it is possible.


Kaiser Baas TV Stick

Rick replied on Feb 16, Jane replied on May 12, You may like to try this link: Will it automatically scan all channels? Delete the text that appears in the box and type the following: I’ve never tried these so can’t comment on how good they are or aren’t.

Also where is the old. Who replied on Jun 05, Ajay40 replied on May 12, Terry Heuston asked on Jul 29, If this appears select Install this driver software anyway. In order to convert these into another format, you will have to find a baaa.

Ajay40 replied on Dec 26, To confirm, yes you do require a rooftop aerial in many locations. Not a good way of looking after customers.

I have the current drivers. No matter what I did, the program kept saying that the device is not available.

Kaiser Bass USB TV Tuner Kba01009

If you haven,t kept the code or have lost it i do not think you could recover ityou could try getting in touch with Kaiser Bass. We hope this was helpful, if you require any more assistance please baad not hesitate to contact our team via helpdesk kaiserbaas.


That’s when the problems began. Well things improved but only microscopically. Phoenix replied on Oct 31, Phoenix asked on Oct 29,