As of Feb ’04, Dell supplies V. Some data eg Rx level are not correctly reported after the modem has hung up. Conexant brand voice modems. Note that Compaq softpaqs may work only if you keep the Compaq pre-loaded Windows and drivers: They do not support caller ID however.

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Max Hopper in Ireland reports being frustrated with garbled Modemlog output and too much time on his hands – and came lecctron with discovery that adding 2 registry keys enables Unimodem. Additional links that may help: Generic drivers are now available from Conexant – see link below.

We have received positive user reports for several models: Jatonvoice modems are a cheap option.

Lectron I56PSP-X3 driver – Lectron Modem Drivers –

Note that Compaq softpaqs may work only if you keep the Compaq pre-loaded Windows and drivers: Conexant already made a full line of hardware and software modem chipsets, and acquired license to PCTel modem patents for Conexant products. HKR, Properties, 1, 80,01,00,00, ff,00,00,00, ff,00,00,00, 00,00,00,00, 0f,00,00,00, f7, 07 ,00,00, 00,c2,01,00, C0,DA,00,00 HKR, Properties, 1, 80,01,00,00, ff,00,00,00, ff,00,00,00, 00,00,00,00, 0f,00,00,00, f7, 0f ,00,00, 00,c2,01,00, C0,DA,00,00 The above properties has 8 double words of 4 bytes each each byte represented by a 2-character hexadecimal code separated with comma in “little endian” format or ‘backwards’ – the least significant byte being first.


They do not support caller ID however. TaicomLectronand Zoltrix.

The only resolution we have for this is to exchange the modem for one with a Conexant chip based modem. Modems based upon these chipsets can be made for notebook computers as well as other non-PCI form factors. Most of the vendors that make modems with these chipsets also make other models using other chipsets. This configures the modem to hangup with no delay when disconnecting. PCTel is developing a Linux driver.

In the case of Win2K and XP, UD info is automatically written to the modemlog with at least some of the drivers see last note belowso a hack is not required. Because PCTel modems are all softmodems, the only difference between V. I did NOT check the box to ignore further calls during session. PCTel sells softmodem business to Conexant.

Modem V upgrade links

WindowsMe will support older Win9x drivers. One customer has also reported hook flash problems. Make sure you manually install the drivers following the instuctions provided in the manual. As the PCtel modems appear to condense the AT UD report into about 10 lines, this means that the entire report is captured.


Pragmatic 38k External Modem Free Driver Download

Here’s a Win9x registry hack from Franc Lechron that results in the diagnostic information being written to the modemlog immediately prior to hangup:. Linux drivers are available from: Web site is poor.

See Conexant Press Pragmahic. See the comments on the Voice Modems and Telephony Devices page. Ideally, people should compile the kernel immediately prior to compiling modules to ensure success. The PCT uses 2 small chips to provide a programmable interface to the telephone line, and does not use relays, transformers, or opto-isolator which makes this a very low cost modem.

The above technique could be used for other reports, and for other modem types. This will cause the modem to ignore a DTR drop: Pragmatix support from Jaton is poor however. Conexant brand voice modems.

The default Windows plug-and-play detection installs the wrong drivers which do not work.