D Internal Combustion Engines Dcfw English, Spanish and Portuguese technical dictionary. Gmudian catJilogue of books. Tables of probable error of co- efficient of correlation by product moment method. A census of British newspapers and periodicals. Directory of Indian libraries.

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N10 Skinner Walter E. BibEo- theca danica, Longmans74 Asia 74rk B1 ; C4. Anonymer og pseudonymer i ars- katalog over norsk litteratur, K to A. A sylow factor table of the first twelve thousand numbers giving the possible number of peinter sub-groups of a z753 of given order between the limits of 0 to E5 Hayavadana Rao C.

E2 Physical Chemistry E2e D2. N1 FI East European bibliography.

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Imperial directory of uni- versal biography. A definitioii, bo charged with the subjective element, is bound to lead one astray anc? E, Arno Id, 10l 6. Miratul in lum va majma ul ftinum. X27 F7-G0 Universidab Nacional. Synopsis of elementary results in pure mathematics.


Bibliographia polonica xv ac x?

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Volume I, Theory, Logarithms of gamma function. Bibliotheca biblio- graphica italica. Engineering tables lexic data. An illustrated catalogue of rare books on the East Indies and a letter to a friend.

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Dictionary of automobile terras, German, French, English and Italian. Dic- tionary of Englisli-Russian and Russian-English mining terms. Lahore, Marathi F0.

M98 Science abstracts, section A, physics. Bibliographie des revues, gazettes et almanachs suisses. Modern English-Spanish and Spanish-English technical dictionary.

Pitman’s technical dictionary of engineering and industrial science in seven languages. Bibliografia de la primera imprenta de Buenos: Bibliogrphie des Brau- wesens. N2 F3 Helvetic bibliography of works written in English.

Standard tables and equations in radio telegraphy. Chemisches Fachworter- buch, Deutsch-englisch-franzosisch. N02 Jahrbuch der deutschen bibliotheken. Danish theses for the doctorate and commemorative publications of the University of Copenhagen. Directory of Indian libraries. Indian railway standard code of practice for the design of structural steelwork.