If you don’t have both, choose the Add button and select the needed protocols from the list that appears. Print version of this Book PDF file. Details about each step located in previous sections:. When you are running FLEXnet-licensed products from multiple vendors, you have three ways to prevent licensing conflicts during installation:. If you use the default license file location, your environment variables are set automatically.

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Once the license server s is running lmgrd and has started the vendor daemon syou can configure the other machines clients and user login accounts that need to access ADS. Datasheet Protect Your Apps and Devices.

In that case you will need to load it using the following steps. Since you cannot check out more than one bundle, you have more control over which license bundles are used during an ADS session.

You should have installed ADS before you complete these steps. Write out this data, and you have your combined license file. If you use the default license file location, your environment variables are set automatically. If the master server goes down, one of the other two servers becomes the new master server, and the licenses remain available on the network.

In a node-locked environment, it is installed on the local machine.

Important Be sure to use the following information to update all existing license servers with the latest version of the FLEXnet software e. The driver will not become active until your PC is rebooted.


Click the Next button. The type of license you have depends on the maceovision version you are using. Protecting software and devices is not a one-off! There are two basic compatibility rules for FLEXnet:.

Software Licensing Solutions with FlexNet Licensing | Flexera

Ideally, you should keep the options file in the same directory as your license. For ADSthe vendor daemon agileesofd is used.

What can I flfxnet as they still appear to exist and any new installation of the drivers fails? If you specify a time-out value smaller than the minimum, the minimum is used.

Macrovision | Licensing Faqs

To use this method, do the following:. While starting FLEXnet manually is a good way to verify that FLEXnet starts correctly, it is generally not recommend for a server machine, because it requires a dedicated MS-DOS Command Prompt to be open at all times and it requires re-starting after rebooting the license server. To set a time-out for the harmonic balance simulator to one hour seconds: If you have been using license packages in previous versions, you should be aware that license bundles replaced license packages beginning in ADS A.

Using older versions may cause license-encryption errors, invalid hostid results, and unsupported feature errors. You must run a separate copy of lmgrd for each license file. To set time-outs for multiple simulators to different periods: When ADS checks out the license bundle, it enables all the functionality associated with the individual features. If you want to serve ADS licenses and earlier from the same server, you need to have the latest version of lmgrdv9.


You only need to run the License Preference Tool when you want to change the latest bundle selection. If you have started this program, stop it using the Task Manager or re-boot your PC. So to prevent this from happening you must ensure you unblock both the lmgrd and the mvision on the Windows or any other Firewall.


Select the Index tab. In a floating license environment, it is only required on the server machine.

If you combine license files from multiple vendors, it is a good idea to keep a copy of the combined license macrobision in each vendor’s default license file location. If this is not set locally and is done via a group policy by your Network Administrator, you need to check with the Administrator that these connections have been allowed.

Note Some clients may timeout before they can connect to a license server through a firewall set up on a Windows PC. If this does not work, you may need to stop all of the lmgrd processes on your network and then restart them as described in Starting FLEXnet.