Data Field contains the bytes to write. This condition indicates that there was a parity error in a message received from the card. The device application must send each response within a pre-determined finite amount of time from receiving the request. This property is used to enable and disable card auto consuming. Send me product updates and important information via email. Page 35 Section 5.

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On receipt of the command, the playback sequence is started and success is reported. This bit can be used to indicate the beginning of a card insertion or the end of a card withdrawal.

Software accessories, Related documents – MagTek IntelliStripe 350 User Manual

Page 75 Section mcl. There are many cards available that are similar to the SLE, and this device will support many of them. Device applications are not required to support all generic commands. If you wish to use the msb first option, you will have to set this property to 1. Moving the reader away from noise sources monitors, speakers, etc.


Page 51 Section 5. Byte 1 LSB is status bit 0. Memory Card Support The bit address is added to the byte address to form the address of the first bit to be affected by the command.

This property specifies an audible tone that may be played when the host chooses. Page 57 Section 5. Another card read occurs.

Page 95 Section This property is used to get the devices software ID. This command allows the application to select the connector to be used in commands that follow.

P2 is lower byte of address to read. This property magte, used to control the magnetic stripe read direction.

Mcp auto baud enable property – MagTek IntelliStripe 320 99875168 User Manual

Page 27 Section 4. Printed in the United States of America Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Memory Card Support Note: Page 13 Section 2.

The first are ISO Microprocessor cards. First, it is used as a stand-alone application giving the host the ability to generate tone sequences to guide users through operations on the device.


Page Appendix B. Code Hex Meaning 00 Success, the command completed without problems 01 Failure, the command was not able to complete, see CondRpt property for details.

The existence of generic commands allows standardizing on commonly used commands across multiple device applications. Page 53 Section 5. Page 23 Section 4. Generic commands are defined further elsewhere in this document. The transport application must be used to acquire magnetic stripe data before any data is available to decode and present by the magnetic stripe application. Op Code one byte AC Name: The value is fixed and is software dependent.

MagTek IntelliCAT User Manual | Page 4 / 7

Page 45 Section 5. It is not a real time indication that noise is present. The bits are identified by numbering the least significant bit 0 and the most significant bit 7.

The units of this property is milli-seconds.