Page 1 of 4. During the match, Roma acted very indifferent to his tag team partner, sowing the seeds to his heel turn. I’m not sure I could pick just one. Their matches included a memorable outdoor match in Toronto which drew an estimated 76, fans. After telling Flair and Anderson how much he respected them, Orndorff told Pillman that he could have been a Horseman and the only reason Pillman was a Horseman was because he turned it down.

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He defeated Brian Pillman in a tournament to earn the shot at the champion. The cage match saw both Orndorff and Hogan climb over the top of the cage and touch the floor at the same time.

Paul Orndorff – Wikipedia

His recurring arm issues due to the injury led Orndorff to retire in Wonderful more or less immediately started feuding with “Dr. Orndorff then moved to New Japan Pro Wrestling for several months. Mick Foley performed a really nice Pile Driver.

Orndorff turned face to feud with Roop but found himself unable to regain the title [8] after which he left the Mid-South Territory. After the match, Race pliedriver that Paul Orndorff was his chosen man. I’m not sure I could pick just one.


Paul Orndorff Orndorff in Before the team left the ring, they also took a couple of shots at the Nasty Boys for good wonderfu. He married his high school girlfriend Ronda Maxwell Orndorff. This page was last edited on 25 Novemberat I liked Bret Hart’s Piledriver.

Brooks beat Orndorff with the help of a chair and won the title only to turn around and give it orndofff Zbyszko. I don’t even wait.

Austin was wrestling Owen Hart at the edition of SummerSlam in East Rutherford, New Jersey when the move went wrong, leaving him with what was described at the time as a stinger. Their half-year-long feud is one of the most notable and profitable feuds in the history of pro wrestling.

While Hogan fought off Bundy, Orndorff battled Don Muraco in a match that ended in a double count out. Anyways, always enjoyed Bret’s piledrivers years pauo when WWE shows started to be available in my country. Did anyone do it better?

Paul Orndorff

Afterwards, Orndorff laid out Guerrero and several preliminary wrestlers with his piledriver finisher. On May 3,Orndorff fought in his first match since Adonis kept on irritating Orndorff, going so far as daring Paul Orndorff to prove just how close his relationship with Hulk Hogan really was.

This time, Orndorfd took it a step further and attacked Erik Watts before announcing that he was now teaming with Paul Orndorff.


Orndorff won the gold on June 20, A Tale of Blood and Pilesriver. Online World Of Wrestling. Paul Orndorff retired in early due to his arm injury and focused on running his bowling alley in Fayetteville. Orndorff currently resides in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Orndorff suffered an arm injury during the time and retired for a number of years before returning inworking primarily for WCW.

Hulk Hogan Says Just Say No to the Piledriver

One incident especially stands out that established Pretty Wonderful in the title chase. WWE Hall of Fame inductees. The only difference was that his right arm was noticeably smaller and weakened due to a neck injury that caused nerve damage and eventually the atrophy of his right biceps. Because he was in the middle of his big money run with Hogan, he did not want to take the time off to have the surgery to properly treat it, opting instead to continue to wrestle.