For example, when you take the first photo, that photo’s file number will be dsc The MP3 player works great When the flash is turned on, the LED lights stay lit constantly, and they are very bright Also, the cam in is clunky to operate. And that’s the reason why i said that it losses detail when viewing an image on a TFD screen. It really works fine.

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The macro feature rocks! Im usin opera mini 4. What ny you like most about it and what do you hate if any The first one is the Ki and the second one the Kim which is an i-mode version of the mobile and is the first i-mode phone by the manufacturer bearing that Cyber-shot logo.

Because of the price value.

Sony Ericsson K review – tests

It carries certain differences and as such those will be duly noted. Just beside the cover there are two powerful LEDs which serve the purpose of a photo flash as well as a flashlight when used with the Light application that is preinstalled in the phone. This site full free and eazy mj register.


Alexandre Berbe 12 years ago. My friends are also impress about this!

They’re kind of confusing. Of course, the Ki is superior and there are other cameraphone with 3. Photos came really nice.

The display itself k5550 a silver rim all over which adds a certain stylishness to the design. Check out d post below. Generally we are pretty pleased with the design and construction of the Sony Ericsson K The Sony Ericsson K is going to be produced in two distinct versions.

Camera settings: LG Stylo 2 PLUS

Just try to load a full color graphics or a jpeg image on both. Edited by Honou member 11 years ago.

What I did not like was the sharpening method inside of the telephone not this picture. Total of user reviews and opinions for Sony Ericsson K The test handset we received is in fact namely that i-mode version. When you got this ph0ne you gonna love it. I adjsuted it for landscape, add some effects and shot hand held. The AF and capture are both horribly slow in comparison. Also, the cam in is clunky to operate. I just got mine yesterday. Once the cover is removed, the battery and the memory card slot are revealed.


With a moderate use the fully charged battery was capable of enduring at least 4 days. Also, there is a very nice image editor built into the phone that can do auto-levels, contrast, brightness, and a bunch of other nice tools. K is pure multimedia phone with a good cam. How load your handset sing?

Below the display there are the navigation keys which have a silver finish. I would rate this Phone 7 from FYI, here’s a review that I posted to amazon: